About Us

At Abhiyaan, “campaign” as the word literally means, we strive to provide an enriching experience with strategic business solutions. Our partnership does not just end at us providing you with empowering solutions, we value and nurture the relationship built on trust and go beyond to help you thrive and provide the best experiences to your customers.

Working from sunrise to sunrise

We diligently work towards supporting our partners and customers and ensuring that you are on top of your game always.

Being very productive

We create value that provides opportunity for growth, challenging the current scenario, by finding innovative solutions to existing problems.

Supporting and building our partner’s image

We aim to deliver the right solutions at the right time, so that you are able to deliver the best to your customers.

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Meet The Founder

Vinayak Pai

A leader and an entrepreneur, Vinayak Pai, with over 25 years of experience in CRM and Loyalty programs, has worked on key projects in designing and implementing over 100 client solutions across industries and pioneered the launch of India’s first-ever coalition loyalty program. He founded Abhiyaan to help businesses unlock their best potential. His ability to look beyond what others see is what makes him a thought leader.