The Art of People Management with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Authored by Karthik Rao, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Founder -World of Wellness,,,+ 91 9740181020. Published- November 2020

People Management – The Challenge

Project Execution perhaps would have been much simpler only with machines. This however is not the case in today’s business age and Human workforce is still a critical entity for Project Execution and Closure.

With an increasingly globalized human work force the new norm, it brings its own set of challenges. Different Cultures and upbringing, Non-homogeneous values and belief systems, differing communication styles & accents, bring in an often-unanticipated storm in the Tea Cup situation.

Further, one of the challenges that awaits many an individual in the corporate world is the elevation into a people centric role. At times, this responsibility is awarded through Excellent Machine Management and Technical Competency Skills.

The transition to a Man-Management Role often comes with its own set of challenges, for Men aren’t Machines, are they??

Naturally so, for there is a vast difference between Understanding Machines and in Understanding Humans. Overriding machines can be easy. Would a similar approach of overriding people and their associated emotions be as simple and effective? Is this an optimal approach?

This approach is likely to work in an orthodox hierarchical organisation like the Armed Forces. You can shove your authority in this manner even in corporate world of today, though this approach would be akin to a ticking time bomb waiting to explode any possible moment, from any corner.

The need for Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a Man Management Skill

Competence is achieved by upskilling your capabilities with regularity. Digress from this approach and stagnation sets in.

An example of this is the lines of code you take to write your first program. As you learn different methods and gain more proficiency, you continuously optimize and fine tune it even more.

In an increasingly technology dominated world, the need for technology upskilling is often a central driver for many an organisation. However, the need for understanding often complex human behavioural/group dynamics coupled with Emotional Intelligence Quotient is often overlooked as an intrinsic given for resources entrusted with Man Management Roles or already in those roles.

Something similar is the case with the Relationship Maturity Quotient that people in a relationship are assumed to possess. Is that the case?

The Human Disconnect often starts from here!!

How can NLP Help Organizations achieve states of Man Management Excellence?

Language creates our World and from it also arise the resultant forces of communication and thought leadership, behavioural attitudes and thrust. This makes the language that we so often use unconsciously, an extremely potent directional tool.

Needless to say, language influences the manner in which we think (Neurons) and hence Neuro-Linguistic Psychology is what I personally prefer calling NLP.

NLP is an extremely potent behavioural mind science that can help drive in a culture of better Human Potential Actualization, empowering individuals with more choice, congruency, resources and flexibility to deal with any situations in a mature manner. This is achieved through Meta Programs, Meta Filters, Reframing, modelling to name a few toolsets available in NLP.

A few practical scenarios are listed below. If you find yourself nodding for any of these, then it is time for you/your organization to embrace NLP

  • Are you in in a people management role and sense the need to increase your rapport and connect with team?
  • Your team members fight like cats and dogs, at times openly, at times often dropping personal accusatory mails. You sincerely wish they displayed an aorta of cohesiveness
  • You do a piece of work yourself, as you assess that it is pointless chasing the team. It is also faster this way.
  • Rapport is good but works only theoretically.
  • Goals more often than not tend to remain a distant goal.
  • At times you wish that people are as simple and predictable as code
  • No matter what you do, your boss is always picking faults in your work
  • You know that when some folks give a presentation, their communication is effective and heads start to nod, but that effect is missing in your presentation?
  • Implementing ideas from the best sales and entrepreneurial hacks is not boosting the business.
  • You wish employees could connect to the vision you have in mind for your organisation
  • Creative Ideas/Out of the box seems to have deserted the organisational thought framework!!
  • As a Leader, are you stuck in the day to day operations of the organisation?
  • Everybody seems motivated, except you!!
  • You procrastinate. You try to break the habit and fail and procrastinate even more
  • People tend to misunderstand you more often than not
  • Your client is pain personified and you dread interacting with them.
  • Somewhere deep down, you are not a people’s person and yet in a people centric role
  • Given the infighting at work, you wish to be a recluse in the Himalayas


Change is inevitable. Change is good, especially when it percolates through all layers of an organisation, the technology platform and also on the people platform. As a matter of fact, a motivated people’s platform in an organisation often brings in exponential breakthroughs on machine and process platforms of its own accord. NLP is the way forward to bring in this change.

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Karthik Rao, Founder of “World of Wellness (WoW)”,  is a Leadership & Executive Business Coach. He is also a Consulting Leadership and Business Coach for the Kimberlite Group at Bangalore. He conducts Leadership and Business Coaching, Professional & Personal Coaching utilizing an optimal blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clean Space, Carl Rogerian Coaching, Metaphoric Associations and more.

Corporate Credentials-

Mr. Rao has over 17 years of experience with reputed corporate firms that include Reliance Communication and Tech Mahindra. He has executed multiple roles in individual and group capacity in India and United Kingdom. He has rich Experience in the Telecommunications Vertical and Project Management.

Professional Credentials-

  • ABNLP Master Practitioner
  • IAPCCT NLP Trainer
  • IAPCCT Master Practitioner in Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Accelerated Learning Coach.
  • Awarded 3 Consecutive ACEr Awards at Tech Mahindra

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